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"Soul Infection", book one of "The Sons of Gomorrah" series, is now on Amazon

Tristan Todorov, formerly one of the best scholars at the legendary and sinister Scholomance school of magic, was cast out and now travels alone through Eastern Europe offering discreet services as an unlicensed magician. In a luxurious hotel in Prague where he’s been invited to investigate a suspicious series of suicides, he’s about to meet someone who will make him remember the darkest secret of his past. Will a night of lust soothe Tristan—or will it stir up something evil and dangerous, something he’s tried so desperately to forget?
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My paranormal M/M novella "The Sons of Gomorrah. Soul Infection" will be out on August 2nd! It's set in Prague and features a freelance magician and a lustful incubus :)

I seem to have problems with posting to Dreamwidth from Russia, so if you are interested, come find me on Tumblr: http://tenderlywicked.tumblr.com/
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Meet Max, an American expat in Moscow. He has always been interested in the wicked ways of BDSM, but his unusual tastes haven't always been well received. But now he has Vadim, an eager Russian sub willing to fulfill his most daring fantasies.

There’s one problem—Max isn’t quite ready to accept what's right in front of him. His deep-seated insecurities threaten to spoil what's growing into more than just a kinky pastime.

You can find all this angst and hot BDSM-ish stuff on Amazon and Evernight :)


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